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Carusos Natural Health

Carusos Natural Health
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Caruso's ErectoMax
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$39.95 - $69.95
Carusos Testorod
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28% OFF
Caruso's Wee Less
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18% OFF
Carusos Vitamin K2
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Carusos Stress Clear
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Caruso Health Super Magnesium Powder
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20% OFF
Caruso's Cranberry Tablets 30,000
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$14.95 - $27.95
Caruso's Liver Detox
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$27.95 - $44.75
Caruso's Pain-Algesic
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23% OFF
Carusos Anxiety Aid
56 (1 reviews)  
Carusos Bowel Clear
40 (0 reviews)  
Carusos Fluid Away
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$15.95 - $27.15
Carusos Garcinia 7500
18 (0 reviews)  
20% OFF
Carusos Get Up and Go
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18% OFF
Carusos Hawaiian Astaxanthin
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$24.95 - $44.95
$27.00 - $47.00
8% - 4% OFF
Carusos Mega Memory
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Carusos Natural Health Prostate Eze Max
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$37.55 - $89.60
$54.95 - $119.95
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Carusos Quercetin 500mg
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30% OFF
Carusos Revivalife 5 Day Body Reset
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Carusos Sleep More
31 (0 reviews)  
$31.15 - $50.35
Carusos Super Curcumin
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$22.50 - $49.95
$27.95 - $62.95
19% - 21% OFF
Carusos Veins Clear
41 (0 reviews)  
$23.95 - $39.95

Caruso's Natural Health 

In 1979, at the age of twenty-four, Frank Caruso decided it was time to do something about his high body-weight and poor fitness level. He turned up at a local gym, ready for action, but holding fast to a soft drink and burger. Naturally, the gym owner was onto Frank's case, and informed him that though exercise was essential for optimal health, a quality diet was also necessary for improving health outcomes and achieving longevity. He even presented Frank with a book: Paul Bragg's The Miracle of Fasting.


A Personal Story 
Bragg's writing persuaded Frank to change his lifestyle. He started eating differently, replacing refined and processed foods with whole ones. He cut back on sweets and dairy and drank more clean water. For the next five years, Frank read as much as he possibly could about well-being and the roles played by vitamins, minerals and herbal medicines on areas of the body such as detoxification, cleansing and digestion. The conclusions he drew were that focusing on nutrition and bowel management are essential to gaining (or regaining), and then maintaining, a state of optimal health. He also learnt that he had the power to take responsibility for his lifestyle and create a long-life defined by wellness rather than disease. Now in his 60s, Frank enjoys an active lifestyle and the benefits of on-going good health and vitality.

Helping Others
Along the way, Frank decided he wanted to share his discoveries with other people. So, on 1 November 1982, he opened a health food shop. He was so enthusiastic about what he was doing that going to work every day was a pleasure.

Thirteen years later he felt it was time to turn his knowledge and passion into a new range of health products. Initially called Totally Natural Products, it's now known as Caruso's Natural Health. Frank's goal was to devise a small number of very special Caruso Health Products and lifestyle concepts that were unique and high-quality and would have the power to change people's lives. The first step was the creation of a series of herb-based cleansing formulas that helped to correct digestive health. Now, there's a broad and diverse range of Carusos Natural Health supplements available.

A Committed Team of Experts
Frank works in conjunction with a team whose members are as passionate as he is. Together, they are constantly developing innovative products designed to take wellness to a new level. They are committed to using only the best natural ingredients and maintaining rigorous quality control. Caruso's Natural Health products even come with Frank's personal guarantee.