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Quest Nutrition

Quest Nutrition
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If you like getting your supplements in a super-tasty, ultra-convenient format, then Quest Nutrition might be for you. The company was founded out of the concern that the hectic pace of modern life doesn't always make meeting sports nutrition needs an easy process. 

Given that many of us have to hold down jobs, take care of children, squeeze in sessions at the gym and find time to relax and socialise, there's often a desperate need for quick solutions. However, none of us wants to compromise on quality or goodness. After all, that's never going to lead to the outcomes that we're looking for. 

Protein Bars

That's where Quest Nutrition snacks enter the picture. Their protein bars are individually wrapped for convenience and packed with the nutrients necessary to getting the most out of your workout routine. Each bar features exclusively high-quality proteins, sourced from readily available biological origins, and is very low in carbs. 

Statistics-wise, we're talking 20g of protein in every bar, but just 2-4g of carbohydrates. Those that are present are active, and therefore designed to transform into lean muscle mass, rather than fat. Any gluten-intolerant gym junkies and weekend warriors will be pleased to know that Quest Nutrition Bars are gluten-free.

What's more, their flavour profile is nothing short of tantalising. The Quest Nutrition crew has put abundant resources into developing a variety of incredible tastes, which means that ensuring a regular protein intake is an enjoyable experience, rather than a chore. 


Quest Nutrition supplements are based on the notion that effective sports nutrition is often very simple. The bars deliver exactly what's written on the easy-to-read label: an awesome dose of protein that's designed to assist your body right where it matters most - in the development of lean muscle. Instead of fancy tricks and complex blends, the focus is on supremely high-quality ingredients. There's nothing too mysterious or complicated about Quest Nutrition supplements.

Suitable for Everyone

Quest Nutrition has designed their products with the broad community in mind. The bars are not aimed at hardcore, professional body builders, but at everyone. That includes amateurs, professionals and those who head to the gym on a casual basis. Whether you're merely hoping to lose a few kilograms, tone up a particular part of your body, or a keen gym junkie who sticks to a frenetic fitness routine, Quest Nutrition supplements can help you to meet your personal goals.