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Vegetarian Glucosamine

About Vegetarian Glucosamine

Vegetarian Glucosamine is an alternative to standard glucosamine products that are sourced from crustaceans. Vegetarian glucosamine is typically in hydrochoride form, instead of the standard sulphate form found in most  formulations, and is typically derived from GMO-free corn. This creates a product that is not only suitable for vegetarians, but also vegans.


Vegetarian Glucosamine formulations are a valuable alternative for people suffering with osteoarthritis, or anyone placing their body under a great deal of regular physical stress. Glucosamine is a nutrient that is helpful for supporting the synthesis of articular cartilage and perhaps other soft tissues as well, like tendons and ligaments. Articular cartilage protects the ends of bones from grating on each other. When this cartilage degrades, as with arthritis, two bones rub against each other, causing inflammation and pain. Glucosamine is a cartilage building block, just as protein is for muscle and calcium is for bone.


Many heavy weight lifters and body builders also use glucosamine regularly to support the healing of muscle collagen and tendons. After all, when a muscle is forcefully contracted, the tendons that attach that muscle to bone are also placed under considerable stress.