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Thyroid Supplements

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About Thyroid Supplements

The simplictic recipe for weight loss, which is less calories in and more calories out, can be far from perfect when metabolic challenges are taken into consideration, such as insulin resistance or an underactive thyroid gland. This simply means that the human body can experience difficulty with the calories out (expenditure) side of this equation. This can happen in spite of our best efforts to "burn" extra calories through exercise.


Hypothyroidism can play a role in the inability to lose weight in some individuals. To complicate matters further, sometimes the thyroid may be functioning well, producing enough of its thyroid hormone thyroxine (T4), though not enough is converted in peripheral tissues to triiodothyronine (T3). T3 is a powerful thyroid hormone that ramps up metabolic activity more than thyroxine. These hormones are responsible for maintaining a healthy metabolism, while low levels are associated with weight gain.


Some of the best natural thyroid hormone supportive nutrients are in fact basic ones, such as tyrosine, iodine (rich in kelp), selenium and zinc. Selenium is found in high concentrations in brazil nuts (sourced from the Amazonian Basin). Selenium is important for the activity of the deiodinase enzymes and the conversion of T4 to T3. Based on this, selenium acually plays a crucial role in metabolic regulation. Iodine is a structural component of the thyroid hormones, with 3 atoms found in T3 and 4 atoms in T4. High levels of tyrosine residues are found within the protein chain of these hormones as well. 


If you find have many or all of the following signs and symptoms, then it is likely that thyroid assistance will improve your general health and speed up weight loss:

* Low mood

* Lethargy

* Feel cold often (low body temperature)

* Sluggish bowels

* Dry skin

* Puffy face

* Physical weakness

* Poor memory