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Organic Protein Bars

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Clif Bar Energy Bar
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$47.60 - $69.95
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Hammer Nutrition Hammer Energy Bar
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About Organic Protein Bars

The organic movement is experiencing a global boom with the financial incentives organic farmers greater than ever before. Organic fresh produce and certified organic food products are obtained from plants that have not been treated with pesticides or herbicides, which are used to keep away insects and weeds. This means each Organic Protein Bar contains less chemicals and is packed with more vitality to keep your health and energy levels optimised. In fact, there might even be more nutrition to be found in organic produce and food products, as farmer often need to improve soil fertility in order to keep pests away and maximise their harvest.


Organic Protein Bars are the perfect companion for a long day at the office, stuck in front of a computer screen, or to keep energy levels optimised whilst working outdoors in construction. Whatever your profession may be, Organic Protein Bars are designed to help you meet your daily nutritional needs, boost energy levels and keep you free from the negative health effects of herbicides and pesticides. 


Finding quality organic foods can be a challenge, with conventional ingredients making up the majority of packaged food on the market. Though food preparation and cooking aren't always practical due to time constraints, an Organic Protein Bar is convenient and ready to go to help you power through the day in style.


The Sporty's Health range of Organic Protein Bars are packed with quality protein and carbohydrates to help keep energy levels up. And with flavours like Coconut Choc Chip, White Chocolate Macadamia and Blueberry Crisp, there are plenty of amazing flavours to choose from.