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Bilberry Herbal Tablets & Supplement

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About Bilberry Herbal Tablets & Supplement

Bilberry, or Vaccinium myrtillus, is a powerful and underrated health promoter. It is rich in specialised phytochemicals called anthocyanins. It has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-hyperlipidemic (manages blood lipids) and hypoglycemic (lowers blood sugar) effects. Antioxidants are natural compounds that combat free-radicals, which contribute to cellular injury when excessive.


The diets of people living in developed nations tend to contain limited amounts of antioxidants, not only in quantity but also in diversity. Antioxidants work more effectively when part of a family, which allows their inherent synergism to flourish. As a general rule, taking a broader range of antioxidants at smaller dosages, rather than just one or two at a higher dosage will tend to promote general health much more effectively. Herbs naturally contain thousands of natural chemicals, many of which are antioxidants. Mother Nature is indeed a mad, yet brilliant, biochemist.


Billbery was believed to have been named as early as 1577 in Scandanavia. It grows well in acidic and poorly nourished soil, contrary to most plants. This blue/black berry is often prescribed medicinally for imparied night vision, and to improve vascular integrity for conditions such as varicose veins and easy bruising.