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Creatine For Weight Gain

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About Creatine For Weight Gain

Creatine for Weight Gain contains a range of first class amino acid and carbohydrate supplements. These products are designed to increase lean muscle mass as fast as possible, as well as support performance and recovery. Creatine is one of the few natural compounds that can create a significant amount of lean muscle gain in a relatively short period of time, though some argue that this is mostly water weight. To retort, 79% of muscle weight is water anyway. And this intracellular fluid actually assists with muscle growth, which is non-water muscle weight. Though there is a fast and pronounced increase in muscle water weight with creatine supplementation for weight gain, supports dry muscle weight in the long term. Hopefully that’s not too watery an argument. 


Creatine is stored inside the muscle cell as phosphocreatine and free creatine. This powerful peptide is used to regenerate ATP (the universal energy source) from ADP, and even convert AMP into ADP. Creatine supplementation is helpful for restoring phosphocreatine levels, which supports explosive strength and power based exercises. However, the muscle can only hold so much phosphocreatine, and this energy system tends to run out of resources after about ten seconds of high intensity training, as other aerobic energy systems kick into gear, such as glycolysis (glucose burning) and beta-oxidation (fat burning). However, we never entirely run out, as creatine biosynthesis in the kidneys and liver is always moving forward. Rather than seeing these energy pathways as stopping and starting, visualise them like a tap that is always on, just the rate of flow changes. Creatine has been suggested by researchers to significantly positively impact exercises lasting up to three minutes, as reported in Sports Medicine in 2017. 


One of the aesthetic benefits of creatine is that it tends to draw water into the muscle cell, as previously mentioned, therefore enhancing muscle fullness and size. This is also helpful for creating a more anabolic environment from which muscle protein synthesis can occur. This also  allows people to increase body size relatively quickly. Taking creatine with a sugar or starch source is helpful for maximising results with creatine supplementation. Basically, anything that is high glycemic index is fine for use with creatine, whether it be mashed potato or dextrose powder, as all of these high GI foods and supplements create an insulin spike in the blood, which is most certainly what we want if getting the most out of your creatine product is your goal.  When insulin is released in response to a rise in blood sugar, the insulin then binds to receptors on the muscle cell membrane, which trigger intracellular responses resulting in GLUT-4 translocation. GLUT-4 is able to "opens up" the muscle cell, allowing amino acids and glucose to enter from the blood. This is one of the reasons that insulin is considered one of the most anabolic hormones in the human body, as it drives nutrients into the muscle cell. Creatine—being a tripeptide—also travels into the muscle cell by this GLUT-4 mechanism. Therefore, high GI foods or supplement and creatine have an inherent synergism.


Creatine for Weight Gain contains supplements that can also be used to facilitate faster recovery, and can even be stacked with plain—or flavoured, if you match the flavours up—essential amino acids for even faster recovery again. The carbohydrates will support glycogen replenishment and the creatine will boost phosphocreatine restoration. These supplements aren't for the faint of heart, so if it’s quick size you're chasing, give them a bash.