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Aminoactive Australia (the company behind Max's Supplements) was formed in Melbourne, in 1989 by Keith Ellis, a highly successful bodybuilder through the 1970's and 80's, and Paul Kirkham, a Biochemist who specialises in sports nutrition. Aminoactive (Maxs) has grown to become one of Australia's leading bodybuilding and sports nutritional supplement companies. 

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Max's Amino Active provide the most popular product range. MAX'S provides a wide variety of muscle building supplements. MAX'S Supplements is all about providing many great ways of getting the protein and nutrients you need to build natural muscle mass. MAX'S has the hardest trainers nutritional needs covered with products such as MAX'S Supersize, MAX'S Pro Gainer Xtreme, MAX'S Muscle Builder SRT, MAX'S Bioengineered WPI, MAX'S Super Shred, MAX'S Cre8 Carnage, MAX'S High Protein Cookies and MAXS Cut Carb Protein Bars.

All Max's supplements are formulated by our in-house team of food technologists and sports scientists. The products are also made in Australia using only the finest ingredients, while incorporating the latest technology and scientific research from around the world.  Max's Supplements will never comprimise on quality allowing you to use their product with total confidence.

Max's above all other supplement companies in Australia have been actively reinvesting in the local sports and health market with the massively popular Max's Muscle Up Challenge which runs in July of each year.  In 2013 Max's are giving away a massive prize pool of over $200,000 worth of prizes to overall and weekly winners of the Max's Muscle Up Challenge and the female version Maxine's Shape Up Challenge.  Read our Blog posts to learn more about these amazing Max's Challenge

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Maxs Lab Series Creatine X8

Maxs SuperWhey Protein

Maxs Muscle Meal Protein Cookie

Maxs Super Shred Protein Bar

Maxs Super Shred Low Carb Cookies

Maxs Casein-SR

Maxs Whey Isolates WPI

Maxs High Protein Pancakes

$14.95 - $84.00
Maxs Lab Series BetaPump Red Alert

Maxs BCAA 10:1:1

Maxs Anabolic Night

$54.95 - $89.95
Maxs Lab Series Glutamine+

Maxs Lab Series Intraboost Advance

Maxs 100% Pure Whey

$49.95 - $99.95
Maxs Clean Mass

$79.95 - $119.95

Maxs Absolute Mass

$69.95 - $109.95
Maxs Lean Starter Pack

Maxs Vaso-D

Maxs Mass Starter Pack

Maxs Lean Intermediate / Advanced Pack

Maxs Creobol

$39.95 - $59.95
Maxs Mass Intermediate / Advanced Pack

Maxs Protein Shaker

Maxs Mass Value Pack

Maxs Bulk Mass Pack

Maxs BCAA 10:1:1 Capsules

Maxs Bulk Mass Advanced Pack



Displaying Products 1-34 of 34
 Show Results:1230all

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