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Coq10 Supplement

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About Coq10 Supplement

Coq10 Supplements are a great way to ensure that your levels of this important coenzyme stay topped up. After all, it is a vitally important part of the last step of ATP or energy synthesis, which is called oxidative phosphorylation and occurs within the mitochondria. Research by the International Journal of Clinical Chemistry in 2004 showed that lipid-adjusted total COQ10 levels decrease with age, as does the redox ratio. Statin medications used for lowering cholesterol reduce hepatic synthesis of this important compound, as they are produced via the same biochemical pathway. 


There are many uses for this valuable nutrient, other than simply replacing what we seem to not manufacture enough of as we age. A research review published in 2017 by the Journal of the Council on Nutrition of the American Chiropractic Association indicates that COQ10 is useful for the management of migraine, coronary artery disease and high blood pressure. It may also prove useful for the treatment of fatigue disorders, such as chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia.