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Musclewerks supplements are products designed to enable trainers to enhance their fitness, using natural and herbal ingredients only. They are produced by a company called Hans Drake International Corp, which is based in Irvine, California. 

Musclewerks supplements are high-quality

Hans Drake International Corp considers itself to be a world leader for nutritional supplements within the training arena, continually striving to provide the best, most effective products for training and bodybuilding. All products made by Hans Drake contain only high quality ingredients, obtained from all over the world, and the proprietary blends within the supplements have been formulated by in-house scientists to ensure that they produce the expected results.

The Musclewerks team at Hans Drake says that it never compromises the fitness and health of its customers; the safety and effectiveness of the products are everything. Its proprietary blends have been carefully developed and tested and are well established in the worlds of extreme fitness and bodybuilding. 

Each ingredient has been selected to complement the others within the blend, and to target specific training requirements. Musclewerks supplements are suitable for both experienced and new trainers, provided the person using them is also eating a balanced diet, and taking appropriate exercise. Whether it is the appetite suppression and energy boost required for those who need to lose the last fatty areas around their bodies, or the super-boost of energy needed to complete an effective training session after a day at work, Musclewerks has a variety of products to suit the serious trainer. 

Hot Musclewerks products to suit your training needs

Musclewerks produce high-functioning products for those who require that extra boost during training sessions. These include D-Fine8, NO3ZCG9 (an NO booster), Lean Simplex, and Faktor (a non-allergenic, pre-workout drink with amino acids). The two most popular are D-Fine8 and Lean Simplex:

D-Fine8 is one of Musclewerks top-selling products, offering thermogenic, fat-burning energy to enable dedicated trainers to make the most of their pre-workout sessions or end-of-day training. It also helps to reduce appetite, increase metabolism speed and stimulate the release of fatty acids so that the body can use them for energy instead of storing them. The company suggests it is particularly good for replacing energy which has been lost by dieting. 

For those who are sensitive to the stimulants found in many weight loss supplements, Musclewerks Lean Simplex could be the answer. Containing High Linoleic Acid and Conjugated Linoleic Acid, this powder helps the trainer increase the levels of lean muscle tissue while dispensing with the unwanted body fat.