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Lifestream Spirulina Tablets
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Lifestream Aloe Vera Capsules
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Lifestream Barley Grass Powder
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Lifestream Bioactive Ginger
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Lifestream Natural Calcium Capsules
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Lifestream Natural Calcium Powder
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Lifestream Spirulina Capsules
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$20.35 - $84.95
Lifestream Spirulina Performance Blue Extra
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Lifestream Wheat Grass Powder
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$15.25 - $34.95

Independently owned and based in New Zealand, Lifestream International Ltd. excels in the creation, distribution and export of natural health products, particularly super foods. Its claim to fame is being the first company to have introduced spirulina to consumers in Australasia. Lifestream products can help the athlete to maintain optimum overall well-being, and assist in the treatment of particular deficiencies and dietary needs. 





The Lifestream story began in 1980 - more than thirty years ago - in New Zealand. After successfully sharing spirulina with the Southern Hemisphere, the company moved onto its next product - aloe vera juice. Since then, the repertoire of superfoods has expanded, but spirulina and aloe vera remain Lifestream's best-selling supplements. 


The company is currently owned and directed by a quartet of passionate health food lovers - David Ross, Ross Turner, Steven Clews and Grenville Purchase. Lifestream products are exported to more than twenty countries around the world.

aloe juice





Lifestream's establishment was the realisation of a vision. The team behind the company wanted to create and sell clean, green superfoods, without any kind of compromise. In doing so, they sought to make good health more accessible and more achievable for individuals all over the world. 



Purity and Quality


All Lifestream supplements are manufactured from ingredients of outstanding quality. There's a strong focus on wholefoods, which means that the nutrients and goodness provided by nature remain intact throughout the manufacturing process. This results in maximum health benefits for the consumer. 



Lifestream for Sporty's Health Customers


As most keen sportspeople would know, superfoods can play a crucial role in maintaining nutritional balance, maximising energy levels, and enabling the best possible physical performance - both in training and in competition.


We stock an array of Lifestream products. One of the most popular is spirulina, which is available in four different formats. Lifestream Spirulina Blue is especially potent, as it contains 50% more phycocyanin than other spirulina products, translating to powerful immune system support for the consumer. Spirulina also helps in the detoxification process and promotes healthy eyes. 


Other Lifestream supplements include aloe vera, which assists with smooth digestion, efficient tissue repair and immune function; barley grass, which is a powerful alkaliser that reduces acidity, thereby promoting nutritional balance and nourishment; and Ultimate Greens, a combination of green superfoods, filled with minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.