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Protein Custard

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White Wolf Plant Protein Custard
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Alien Protein Custard
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Gen-Tec Casein Custard
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Maxines Burn Custard
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About Protein Custard

Protein Custard is a milk-sourced protein powder that mixes with water to create a delicious dessert-like, 100% GUILT-FREE TREAT. Protein Custard can be taken after main meals as a dessert, as a snack or before bed. Because casein is a slow-release protein it will sustain your blood amino acid levels throughout the night much better than whey protein. This helps to enhance recovery and support muscle healing or growth at night, when we would normally be fasting and in a catabolic state. And catabolic, as you probably know, is the process of muscle breakdown. 



Casein has a high molecular weight and large protein molecule size. This is simply an impressive scientific way of saying THE STUFF IS FILLING! And for a relatively small amount of calories, and a nice hit of quality protein, it really is a delicious treat. This makes it excellent for anyone who regularly gets food cravings or the desire to eat when they know they realistically do not need any more food. Casein protein is also perfect for use in weight loss programs, as it is filling and low calorie, prevents muscle mass loss, and keeps us nourished. 



So if you've been eyeing off a mud cake or chocolate mousse recently, Protein Custard might be a better alternative. Did I mention it's got protein in it?