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The formation of Endura Sports Nutrition was motivated by an awareness of the crucial role played by food and fuel in optimising physical performance. Endura supplements are created from premium ingredients, which are professionally approved and exceptionally high in quality. The products are designed to assist in all aspects of the workout process - from maximising the training regime to helping with efficient recovery to supporting outstanding performance in competition, be it professional or amateur. At the same time, Endura supplements aim to promote safety and general well-being.

Leading Facilities

Endura Sports Nutrition supplements are created and distributed by one of Australia's largest Health Science businesses, Health World Limited, which recently joined forces with Metagenics Inc. Health World Limited was founded in 1985 by Leon and Michael Brosnan, whose goal was to provide sports nutrition to Australians that optimised both performance and well-being. Metagenics Inc. is home to some of the most advanced research facilities and most forward-thinking technical laboratories in the world, as well as an enormous body of expert and diverse staff.

Health, Safety and Nutrition 

The backing of such extensive resources means that Endura supplements represent the very latest in sports nutrition, with a major focus on overall well-being and happiness. It is this concern for general health and safety that has seen Endura Nutrition develop into a brand that Australian customers feel they can trust. 

High Quality Research and Manufacturing 

Endura Nutrition's reputation for reliability has emerged from their commitment to excellence in all areas of research, manufacturing and testing. The creation of Endura supplements involves a five-step process, during which quality control is paramount at all times. These are:

- Research based on the latest in scientific and clinical innovation
- Premium ingredients sourced from leading suppliers
- Quality control standards that are nothing less than world class
- Manufacturing strategies that go beyond the expectations and standards set by the sports nutrition industry
- Extensive analysis and testing of products, to ensure, not only optimum performance, but also safety

All Endura supplements are developed with a meticulous eye for detail, which is inspired by a genuine concern for the consumer. 

An Extensive Range of Products

Endura supplements come in a diverse range of formats. These include powders, such as Endura MAX, which combines magnesium and taurine to assist with muscle relief, and Endura OPTIMIZER, which blends Endura Electrolyte Rehydration, proteins and carbs for maximum overall recovery, as well as products aimed at both convenience and nutrition, including energy bars, pro-body bars and energy gels.