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Vital Strength

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Australian owned and operated brand Vital Strength has been in the sports supplements business for more than sixteen years. They provide premium quality products that are designed to maximise results for athletes by assisting performance both physically and mentally.

Optimum performance meets overall well-being

Not only do Vitalstrength supplements bring out the best on the track and in the arena, they're also devised with a concern for general health. After all, comprehensive well-being is essential to physical excellence, particularly in the long-term. Good health and longevity depends on an effective combination of a balanced diet and regular, appropriate exercise, both of which are achieved through determination, commitment and discipline. Vitalstrength products are there to provide reliable, efficacious support. Many of them are enriched with nutrients, vitamins and minerals, which play such an important role in physiological functioning.

A personal story

The story behind the formation of Vital Strength supplements begins where you'd expect: in the gym. The company's Managing Director is a disciplined, enthusiastic weight trainer. However, he found that consuming the amount of protein needed to meet his specific goals was more difficult than it should be. He experimented with a variety of available protein supplements, but was disappointed to find that the options were rather limited. Moreover, the taste of most products on the market was rather unappealing. 

So he set about trying to rectify the problem by developing his very own protein supplement. After extensive research, experimentation and field testing, he was able to introduce the world's first Vitalstrength product: a protein powder based in egg white, which offered a potent dose of protein without any fat whatsoever.

Growth and development

This product became Vitalstrength's springboard for commercial success. The brand's committed, passionate team pursued a thorough research and development programme, which focused on coming up with new products that could outdo those already on the market. A recent move to bigger premises in Marrickville has enabled an expansion of manufacturing capacity, meaning that Vitalstrength has kept well abreast of contemporary developments in food technology and sports nutrition.

High quality

Using ingredients of exceptionally fine quality and adhering to excellent processing standards is essential to Vitalstrength's mission. The company's facility is TGA-approved. Powders are created according to the procedures and guidelines established by the Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ) code, Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP).