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Supplements for Headaches

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About Supplements for Headaches

There are quite a few common causes of headaches that are preventable and transient, such as dehydration, dental problems, sinusitis (infection in the sinuses), medication side-effects and psychological stress. However, identifying the unique causes in each situation can be difficult, even with the help of a healthcare practitioner. For instance, stress causes us to hold tension in the the superior trapezius muscles (tops of the shoulders). If this tension is held for long enough, this can lead to referred pain up and into the temples, causing a temple headache. This is all due to the workings of the nervous system.


In this instance, fixing the headache is as simple as re-assessing your stress management or prevention strategies, and a relaxing shoulder rub to ease the muscular tension directly. If a massage is not on the cards, try rolling a tennis ball around between your shoulders and a wall. This can work wonders. Magnesium as well a proper electrolyte balance and hydration are also important for muscular health and preventing neuromuscular tension.


How you deal with stress is an important determinant of wellness and quality of life. Research published in The Journal of Headache and Pain in 2000 indicated that stress often preceded headache development, though the stress was often triggered by minor life events, rather than major life difficulties. This suggests that our responses to such challenges, which tend to be constant in most busy modern day lives, would benefit from regular stress management or relaxation techniques. 


When headaches and migraines become a greater issue is when they recur without an identifiable trigger. It may be that nutritional deficiencies are linked to the disorder, which indicates that the quality of the diet needs to be improved. Sometimes, food additives can be responsible, such as MSG (flavour enhancer 621) or synthetic antioxidants like BHA 320. The importance of a quality diet can not be underestimated, with as much organic food as possible, or at least free from food additives.

There are many supplements that have been clinically trialled for headaches and migraines, such as Coenzyme Q10 (COQ10). This endogenously produced antioxidant helps to regulate the last stage of energy production inside the mitochondria. A clinical trial published in 2015 in The Journal of Headache and Pain indicated that a combination of COQ10 (150mg/day), magnesium (600mg elemental/day) and Vitamin B2 (400mg/day) was effective at reducing migraine frequency when taken with a multivitamin and mineral formulation.

When it comes to headaches, whether they are related to tension or sinus issues, supplements and lifestyle methods are best used as preventative measures.