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Supplements for Headaches

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About Supplements for Headaches

There are some common causes of headaches that are easily preventable, such as dehydration, dental problems, sinusitis (infection in the sinuses), medication side-effects or psychological stress. Interestingly, stress can cause muscular tension in the superior trapezius muscles (tops of the shoulders). This tension can cause referred pain up and into the temples, causing a temple headache. In this instance, fixing the headache is as simple as a relaxing shoulder rub to ease the muscular tension directly. Though you will need someone handy (pun intended). If not, a tennis ball up against the wall can work wonders.


When headaches, and migraines, become a real problem is when they recur without an identifiable trigger. It may be that nutritional deficiencies are linked to the disorder, which indicates that the quality of the diet needs to be improved. Sometimes, food additives can be responsible, such as MSG (flavour enhancer 621) or synthetic antioxidants like BHA 320. The importance of a quality diet can not be underestimated, with as much organic food as possible, or at least free from food additives.


There are many supplements that have been clinically trialled for headaches and migraines, such as Coenzyme Q10 (COQ10). This endogenously produced antioxidant helps to regulate the last stage of energy production inside the mitochondria. A clinical trial published in 2015 in The Journal of Headache and Pain indicated that a combination of COQ10 (150mg/day), magnesium (600mg elemental/day) and Vitamin B2 (400mg/day) was effective at reducing migraine frequency when taken with a multivitamin and mineral formulation.


Take your time and enjoy examining our selection of supplements. It is important to remember, however, that many of the supplements and lifestyle modifications are best used as a preventative measure.