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Odourless Fish Oil

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About Odourless Fish Oil

Odourless Fish Oil is a quality product that ensures your daily Omega 3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA needs are met, without the fishy aftertaste. These fish oil products are perfect for anyone suffering with reflux or GOERDS, as the fishy aftertaste is eliminated.


The fish oils fatty acids EPA and DHA are crucial for promoting wellness and optimal health. Though the human body can synthesize EPA and DHA from an essential fatty acid called Linolenic Acid, most people produce very little. Even when linolenic acid intakes are high, the human body still struggles to produce enough EPA and DHA. It has been suggested that a healthy person can convert only 1% of linolenic acid to DHA. This makes supplementation or dietary intake essential for supporting optimal health.


These days, with the high intakes of Omega 6 oils through diet, Omega 3 supplementation has never been as important. A high Omega 6 to 3 ratio is believed to increase systemic inflammation and contribute to the develpoment of a range of chronic degenerative disease. So if all the fish oil benefits without the fishy flavour sounds like the way to go, check out the Sporty's Health range of Odourless Fish Oil supplements.