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Horley's Supplements


In New Zealand 1976 a supplement brand, Horleys was born into a specialist world of sports nutrition and dietary supplements. Not only was their a large commitment to providing specialised and quality products but also to giving customers the edge to achieve their goals. The Horleys team share a passion for sport, fitness and health.  Enthusiasm, combined with expert knowledge on the critical role of nutrition has manifested itself in the highly functional supplements that proudly carry the Horleys name.



Knowing the Horleys brand behind the supplements probably hasn’t been the first contact for many of our the Sportys Health customers. Mostly it has been the amazing recommendations received in-store or online and following that the amazing taste and results received by the products. Amongst the range of Horleys intelligent sports nutrition supplements the most popular products in the range would be:


  • Horleys Ice Whey including 100% Whey Protein Isolate enabling a fast absorbing protein to drive anabolism and prime your muscles for growth.
  • Horleys Ripped Factors is a thermogenic, a protein and a nutritional insurance policy all in the same container.
  • 100% Whey Protein due to the multiple protein types (WPI and WPC) blended together. This protein might be used to assist with both fast uptake of proteins and slower uptake.


And while Horleys may be very well known for the above supplements their female specific protein powder, Sculpt almost has an entire following of its own. SCULPT can be used as a meal replacement but the fantastic thing is that it’s much more than that. Sculpt helps balance your protein intake throughout the day, rather than just cramming it in at dinnertime. Popping a grilled chicken breast in your purse might not be ideal, but Sculpt is completely handbag compatible.



How Does Sculpt Work?


  • You feel fuller - which means you’re less inclined to overeat
  • You stay satisfied for longer – that helps avoid cravings
  • You enjoy a steady release of energy with more stable blood sugar levels for better appetite control
  • Your metabolism gets a lift – protein requires more energy to digest, and it’s harder to store as body fat



The Horleys formulation and packaging standards are rigidly maintained, and Sportys Health actively encourage feedback on supplement ranges so that we can continually improve our customer service.


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