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Low Fat Protein Bars

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About Low Fat Protein Bars

Low Fat Protein Bars are a convenient way to ensure your daily protein requirement is met, without too much dietary fat or total calories. After all, do we really want to sacrifice 400 calories just to get 25 grams of protein? This is what 100g of cheddar cheese would add up to. To get that same amount of protein from whole eggs, we would have to consume 200g of eggs, giving us 286 calories. The calorie to protein ratio is quite high with these foods, making it difficult to obtain enough protein without blowing our calorie intake completely out of proportion. Low Fat Protein Bars are designed to give us the protein hit, with minimal calories. 


Low Fat Protein Bars are easy to eat on the go, and make a nice protein-rich snack for morning or afternoon tea. Low Fat Protein Bars are easy to slip into the back pocket or handbag. They use only high quality protein sources, containing all of the essential amino acids, which are ideal for stimulating muscle protein synthesis (MPS). MPS is the muscle-specific anabolic pathway of the body. If this pathway is functioning faster than the catabolic pathway—which are two independent processes—this leads to muscle growth. However, your goal may not necessarily be to grow muscle, and that's okay too. If you are not training to get big muscles, then a high quality protein source will help to keep your muscles healthy.


So if you are ready for a protein hit without a caloric explosion, Low Fat Protein Bars are the way to.