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Syn-Tec Nutriceuticals

The story of Syn-Tec Nutriceuticals begins back in the late 1990s in New Zealand. What's particularly special about the company's geographical origins is that the pristine environment of one of the world's most beautiful countries allows access to some of the highest quality ingredients to be found anywhere on Earth. That's especially the case when it comes to the fundamental building blocks of many sports nutrition supplements: whey protein and dairy.

National and International Distribution 

With such riches at their fingertips, the team at Syn-Tec set about developing premium sports supplements. It didn't take long before they were distributing their products nation-wide, and skipping over the ocean to Australia. At present, Syn-Tec supplements are starting to get some attention in South East Asia, too. 

Competitive Sports Nutrition in New Zealand

Furthermore, New Zealand has a set of official standards in place when it comes to food supplements that provide impetus for a competitive and cutting-edge environment. This means that companies are encouraged to adopt the very latest scientific research and techniques when creating their products, while keeping close attention to safety and the overall well-being of their clients. Consequently, Syn-Tec Sports Nutrition has the amazing advantage of being able to combine the freshest and most potent ingredients with the world's most sophisticated technology.

Raw, Local Ingredients

Syn-Tec's ingredients are raw, local and delivered in the most potent and natural forms possible. Protein powders are sourced from local farms, where the dairy cattle graze in incredibly fertile soil. Herbs are often added, in whole form, and fruit pulp is used frequently. Furthermore, Syn-Tec's concern with total health and well-being means that extra dashes of goodness are often added to their products. Anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamins all play an important role in ensuring that the body performs to optimum level. 

This attention, not only to excellence, but also to detail, means that many of New Zealand's top trainers, dietitians and athletes stand behind the Syn-Tec brand. 

A Diverse Range of Products 

Syn-Tec offers a diverse range of products. There are potent pre-workout formulas, such as Ground Zero, which, as the name suggests, aims to provide a serious boost to any athlete ready to get the most out of his/her fitness routine, as well as powerful key ingredient-driven supplements, including L-Carnitine, AAKG and Creabolin 3rd Generation.