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Maxines Shape-Up Challenge 2018

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About Maxines Shape-Up Challenge 2018

When was the last time you did something just for you? It's easy to get caught up in work, jobs ... and more jobs. Maxines Shape-Up Challenge is just for you. It is designed to transform you into a better physical version of yourself, with all of the health benefits that go along with it—not to mention more confidence and the ability to once again fit into clothes that are gathering at the back of the wardrobe. The Maxine's Shape Up Challenge is an on-line body transformation program that can be accessed via a link beneath this paragraph.



Not only can this be rewarding, given the lifestyle and body composition changes that take place, but there are also prizes! Furthermore, the winners of the Maxine's Shape-Up Challenge can become ambassadors for the next challange and can be involved in marketing campaigns and activities. When you are ready to grab your supplements for the Maxines Shape-Up Challenge, Sporty's Health has got you covered. Check out our range of supplements and packs that are delivered to your door at the click of a button. Good Luck and Enjoy! 


Maxine's Challenge Information: