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Co Enzyme Q10 Supplements

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About Co Enzyme Q10 Supplements

Co Enzyme Q10 (COQ10) is a natural powerhouse nutrient synthesized within our own bodies. COQ10 is involved in the electron transport chain found within the mitochondria, where it supports the last stage of ATP or energy synthesis. COQ10 has an intimate relationship with energy production and protects the mitchondria from oxidative stress.


COQ10 also has antioxidant effects and may assist in protecting the mitochondria—the energy producing powerhouse of the cell—from free-radical damage. There is also a second form of COQ10 called Ubiquinol. Ubiquinol is an activated form of COQ10, which possesses a greater bioavailability than its predecessor, COQ10. This means we absorb more of it compared to standard COQ10 preparations. 


COQ10 has been used for decades in the supplementation industry to support general wellness and energy levels, as well as by sports and exercise enthusiasts. Some research was published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition in 2013 which demonstrated that 300mg of ubiquinol supplementation led to an increased peak power performance of 2.5% compared to placebo. This may not sound like much, however, these were in well-trained athletes who had already attained a high level of performance.


Although we do synthesize our own COQ10, supplementation has been shown to be helpful for the treatment of migraines, high blood pressure and cardiomyopathy. It is also useful for chronic fatigue sufferers and perhaps even fibromyalgia sufferers. Research has shown that with a mere 150mg per day of CoQ10, chronic fatigue sufferers have improved cognitive and nervous system function.


This was reported in the journal Biofactors in 2016. In addition, this nutrient can be used for statin-induced myopathy, which is a condition whereby some cholesterol lowering medications can induce muscle pain (myopathy). COQ10 interacts with blood-thinning medications and should be discussed with your healthcare practitioner.


Co Enzyme Q10 is a safe and effective supplement that support mitochondrial activity, assisting with a range of health maladies and general wellness.