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Cold Sore Supplements

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About Cold Sore Supplements

Cold Sores are caused by a lowering in the immune system's defences and the re-emergence (or recent infection with) an enveloped virus called Herpes Simplex Type 1. Around 90% of people around the world are infected with this virus, which persists in the body for life. Because it's an enveloped virus, this makes it an opportunistic infection. When the immune system becomes suppressed the enveloped virus becomes active and cold sores may appear.


Anyone who has a compromised immune system is prone to cold sores. This may be an chronic lowered immune resistance or acute reductions in activity due to increased psychological stress, poor sleep, inadequate nutrition, overworking and much more. One of the factors that can lower the activity of the immune system is a hormone called cortisol. Though cortisol is an important hormone that we need to help us respond favourably during stressful situations, a high level over an extended period of time may adversely impact the immune system.


High dietary arginine levels have also been linked to cold sores. Cold sore sufferers may like to avoid foods rich in arginine, which will reduce the severity of the cold sore infection. Arginine rich foods include pumpkin seeds, peanuts, turkey, pork and soyabeans. If you're a peanut butter addict, all Sporty's Health has to say is: sorry, nothing personal- it's just the science.


Some of the most helpful supplements for cold sore infections are those that support the immune system and those that offer a direct anti-viral effect. One of the most powerful natural anti-viral compounds is the mineral zinc. Natural ionophores, such as quercetin, EGCG and curcumin may be taken with your daily zinc dosage to facilitate more rapid cellular uptake. Additionally, the amino acid lysine directly slows replication of the Herpes Simplex Type 1 virus.


Lysine and zinc with quercetin will help to suppress viral replication, which allows your immune system more time to get the infection under control. Other nutrients that support general immune function are selenium and vitamin C and A, and herbal medicines, such as echinacea and andrographis. Of course, it is essential to take a look at why you are getting "run-down" and address these crucial aspects of your diet, lifestyle or exercise program.