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Turmeric Supplements

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About Turmeric Supplements

Turmeric root is a spice that has been used not only for culinary purposes, but also medicinally for thousands of years. It grows much like ginger, as they are from the same family of plants, where the root or rhizome is dug up and consumed. Though turmeric is typically used as an anti-inflammatory due to its high levels of natural curcuminoids, it can in fact benefit the body in a number of other ways. 


In 2017, Foods reported that curcumin—one of the active constituents of turmeric root—is useful for the treatment of anxiety, metabolic syndrome, oxidative stress and exercise-induced muscle soreness. So if you’ve been doing a lot of squatting, deadlifting or bench-pressing lately, this will help to take the sting out of the muscles that sometimes doesn’t hit until day two or three. As a strong natural anti-inflammatory, turmeric supplements may also useful for the alleviation of inflammatory conditions, such as osteoarthritis. 


The phytochemical curcumin found in turmeric root actually has a poor bioavailability, meaning that absorption from the intestine into the blood is low. Unfortunately, most curcumin ends up passing through the bowels and out via the stool. However, many of the recent turmeric supplement preparations have given this point careful consideration when formulating their product, ensuring that either black pepper, ultrasol (water-solubilising technology) or a phospholipid complex is used to significantly enhance bioavailability. Black pepper taken in combination with curcumin has been shown to increase absorption of this curcuminoid by a staggering 2,000%. And when it comes to aching joints or muscles, an increase in absorption means everything.