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Gluten Free Protein Bars

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About Gluten Free Protein Bars

Protein Bars really are a convenient way to ensure that you meet your daily protein needs. Whether your goals is to lean up, gain muscle or simply to support recovery from exercise, a protein bar in the pocket ensures you won't be scouring the supermarkets or health food stores for something decent.


Let’s face it. Apart from canned tuna in springwater and tubs of low-fat cottage cheese, there’s little else in the aisles of the supermarket that can match up to the macronutrient balance of a protein bar.


Gluten contains a protein called gliadin, and is therefore actually quite high in protein, except for the essential amino acid lysine, which limits it bioavailability. Gluten is found in other grains too, such as spelt and rye. Unfortunately, many people immunologically react to this protein, which simply means that our immune system is identifying this gluten-based protein as a foreign molecule that needs to be destroyed, similar to a virus or pathogenic bacteria. Such is the case with Coeliac disease, which is a severe form of gluten reactivity. If you suffer with Coeliac disease, or are sensitive to gluten, or are just trying to minimise gluten intake, gluten-free protein bars are the way to go.


Given that gluten is a protein, you may be wondering if the bar will be somewhat deficient in some way. Well, there really is no need to worry here. Gluten free bars are just as good as their gluten-containing counterparts. They contain all of the essential amino acids, including heaps of non-essential amino acids, naturally occurring within the protein molecule of the high quality protein sources contained within. So if gluten is your foe, and protein bars are your friend, give these bars a go!