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L Lysine Supplements

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About L Lysine Supplements

Lysine is an essential amino acid that has many important roles, such as anti-viral effects and supporting the repair, building and maintenance of muscle tissue. Natural food sources of lysine are pumpkin seeds, eggs and white beans, though it is also found in protein powder. Whey protein powder typically contains 7-10% lysine, by weight, and plant based protein powders all contain this important amino acid.


The lysine found in food and protein powder is joined to other amino acids by peptide bonds, creating a protein molecule that must be broken down by the digestive sysmtem. The Sporty's Health range of Lysine Supplements contain free-form lysine, without any competing amino acids to hinder absorption, such as arginine. This allows for more lysine to be absorbed much faster. Pure lysine supplements require no digestion, which enhances absorption and their overall benefits.


Lysine supplements are commonly used for their natural anti-viral benefits, especially to combat a virus called Herpes simplex Type 1. This virus commonly causes cold sores, which are an enveloped virus that once acquired remains in the body for life. Lysine inhibits replication of the virus, which reduces the viral load and offers the immune system an opportunity to get the infection under control. Lysine is best supplemented away from food, whilst ceasing the use of any arginine supplements or arginine rich foods, such as peanuts, chickpeas and lentils. 


Lysine is needed for the synthesis of hydroxylysine, which is used for connective tissues strength and integrity. Connective tissues include tendons, collagen, cartilage and ligaments. Lysine is essential for muscle protein synthesis along with seven more of the essential amino acids (excluding tryptophan). Protein synthesis is required for the maintenance, repair and building of muscle. Lysine is used for the natural synthesis of carnitine, an important regulator of fat burning and energy synthesis.


Foods with the lowest lysine content are grains, like wheat. Given the importance of lysine in supporting health and protein synthesis, wheat protein and grain-based protein can be enhanced with lysine supplementation. This will increase the biological value of the protein, however it is only essential when wheat or gluten protein are relied upon as a majoy source of dietary protein. The essential amino acids work as a team, and any deficit in one, such as lysine, can lead to poor usage of others, limiting their usefulness and increasing catabolism. Boosting your lysine intake within the context of a meal is typically more important for vegans who rely on meat-alternative foods based on gluten (wheat protein) as a decent proportion of their daily protein intake. Such foods may include vegan bacon, sausages and burger alternatives.