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Ethical Nutrients

Ethical Nutrients
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The Ethical Nutrients brand has been built on trust. The company's attention to pure, high-quality ingredients and stringent manufacturing standards has seen it become one of Australia's most sought-after brands in the field of natural supplements and medicines.

World Class Manufacturing 

Ethical Nutrients supplements are created in Northgate, Queensland. The localising of the company's production processes means a close eye can be kept on maintaining excellent standards. Ethical Nutrients supplements are constantly checked, tested and re-tested to ensure outstanding quality, safety and effectiveness. 

Raw, Natural Ingredients

The only ingredients to be found in Ethical Nutrients supplements are of the raw, high-quality kind. None of the fillers and binders commonly used in mass production are allowed through the door. This means that your body doesn't have to be slowed down, or even potentially damaged, by struggling to digest artificial ingredients. Instead, the focus is on absorbing high doses of goodness. 


Since being founded in 1985, Ethical Nutrients has consistently focused on bringing innovation to the supplements market. They've developed forward-thinking techniques and systems, increasing the potency and efficacy of ingredients. They've also put abundant resources into creating entirely new products. For example, Ethical Nutrients is the brains behind Inner Health Plus, which many health enthusiasts might be familiar with, as it's now one of the most popular and effective probiotics on the Australian market.

Information and Education

Ethical Nutrients, as the name suggests, is a company committed to transparency and education. They believe that we should all pay attention to our well-being and do all that we can to achieve and maintain a state of optimum health. Consequently, the company provides customers with plenty of information and educational resources, as well as direct access to Ethical Nutrients experts.

Ethical Nutrients offers a range of natural medicines, suitable for all kinds of scenarios, from specific illnesses to general well-being. For sports enthusiasts, there are two particularly helpful and potent products. 

High Strength Fish Oil provides a powerful dose of omega-3. It's a distilled product, sourced from cold-water fish, and flavoured with fruit punch to avoid unwanted fishy smells. Fish oil is known to assist with arthritis, contribute to the maintenance of a health cardiovascular system, promote normal cholesterol, encourage brain health and provide relief from arthritis. 

Ethical Nutrients Zinc Fix provides a potent dose of zinc, in a highly-absorbable powdered form, which can be used for therapeutical purposes. Zinc is known to help with maintaining a healthy immune system, speeding up the healing process, and keeping skin, hair and nails in an optimum state.