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USP Labs

USP Labs
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Ultra-Premium Supplements, more commonly known as USP Labs, began in Texas in the United States in the mid-1990s, when a dedicated student of nutrition named Jacob Geissler began a thorough study of naturally-occurring herbal compounds.


Deciding that he could use the knowledge gained to expand the world of sports nutrition, Geissler got together a crew of leading scientists, in order to come up with a brand new line of supplements. Not only did he want USP Labs products to improve performance, muscle growth and strength, he wanted them to have a big impact on physical appearance and overall wellness, and he also believed that safety was paramount.


Herbal Extracts and Exciting New Approaches


Rather than settling for the status quo, the USP Labs team have worked hard at experimenting with various blends, compounds and approaches. Their focus is getting the very best out of what nature has already granted us, so they use herbal extracts a lot of the time. The development of USP Labs supplements has consequently involved the exploration of some exciting new avenues, such as applying the ingredients and principles used in Indian Aryuvedic medicine. One amazing discovery USP Labs have made is Cissus Quadrangularis, a plant that's highly effective as a pain killer, particular for sports-related conditions. 




The USP Labs products range has a strong focus on pre-workout supplements. There are eleven different pre-workout products available. These include Jack3d Micro, which is well-known for it's 'Nitro Blast' formula. It supplies the body with Nitric Oxide using two different pathways in order to maximise impact, and also contains a powerful stim complex, designed to improve and maintain focus. 


There's also the USP Labs OxyElite Protein, which, rather than concentrating on just one form of protein, offers a compound, so that an array of needs can be met simultaneously. It contains a combination of slow and fast proteins, enhanced with a digestive enzymes, CLA and MCTs. Other USP Labs supplements for performance include USP Labs TEST Powder which is aimed at body builders seeking to better their pump power and results. 


Thermogenics, Nutrient Partitioning and Joint Support


As part of their plan to support overall well-being, USP Labs sell a range of products concerned with nutrients and joint support. 

USP Labs Sports Supplements ensure their raw materials are of the absolute highest quality one of the main reasons they are considered Ultra-Premium.

A portion of every dollar spent on USP Labs supplements goes right back into the company for research, development and infrastructure in order to continually deliver the most innovative and effective supplements on the planet!