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Endurance Support

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Clif Bloks
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Hammer Perpetuem
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EHP Labs Beyond BCAA EAA
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Hammer Endurolytes FIZZ
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Musashi - Free Jersey with $80 purchase (1 per order)
ATP Science Infrared
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Hammer Nutrition HEED
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Switch Nutrition Essentials MCT Oil Powder
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About Endurance Support

Endurance exercise can make you feel pretty depleted sometimes, especially when the sun is beating down hard and your sweat pouring in rivulets. There are key biochemical and nutritional reasons why this can happen, making supplementation crucial for optimal performance and recovery.


Though we all know the importance of keeping hydrated with the right combination of electrolytes, sugar and fluid, there are plenty of other nutrients that have a lot to offer. For instance, glycerol and creatine, though commonly used for power and strength, can enhance hydration and protect against heat exhausation. Essential amino acids can also be helpful for boosting protein synthesis in order to offset some of the catabolic effects of cortisol that can occur during long-distance endurance training. 


Whether it be a long-distance run, row, swim or cycle, this Endurance Support section has plenty of products to help you reach your goals. Check out our range of electrolyte formulations, amino acids, carbohydrates and more to see which products meet your needs. When the next landmark looks farther than it should, a little bit of nutritional support can go a long way.