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Electrolyte Replacement Supplements

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About Electrolyte Replacement Supplements

Electrolytes are perhaps the most significant supplement for immediately improving sports and exercise performance, whenever dehydration occurs, that is. The Canadian Journal of Applied Physiology back in 1999 reported that even a modest less than two per cent level of dehydration can impact exercise performance negatively, which leads to increased heart rate, body temperature and perceived exertion. As you can probably imagine, you won’t be performing at your peak when experiencing even one of these symptoms of dehydration. Furthermore, coordination is also negatively affected. 


It is important to remember that whenever we lose fluid from the body, the five key electrolytes are lost as well, which are sodium, chloride, potassium, magnesium, and calcium, and that’s in order of importance too, from most important to least. The most effective way to rehydrate after body fluid losses is with the use of an electrolyte supplement containing a small amount of sugar. Electrolytes and sugar actually increase our uptake of water, making hydration that much faster. Sugar usually comes in handy too when we are training hard, especially long duration aerobic training, as during these events our glycogen storage (sugar storage) can become significantly depleted, which may in turn cause blood sugar to drop.


Some of the electrolyte replacement formulas have added amino acids, which can be of great ergogenic aid. Some of these may be the branch chain amino acids, citrulline and beetroot extract to provide natural nitrates. 


Electrolyte supplements are not only useful for athletes and recreational trainers, but also tradesman and people living in hot humid climates to ensure adequate hydration. Basically, whenever we sweat a lot or lose fluids from the body, electrolytes can be helpful. Examples of occupations that may find benefit in these supplements are insulation and air-conditioning installers, roof tilers and labourers, particularly in the warmer months of the year.