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Beef Protein Powder

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About Beef Protein Powder

Beef Protein is sourced from the muscle meat or collagen, both of which provide different nutritional profiles and serve different needs. The process of hydrolysis used in beef collagen products breaks down the large protein molecules, making the finished product easier to digest and absorb.


Beef protein contains all of the essential amino acids, similar to other protein powders, and may therefore replace common whey or casein protein powders. These products are low in fat and cholesterol, which can be ideal for dieting. Beef protein powders may be used any time of the day, such as post-workout or throughout the day to sustain muscle.


Hydrolised collagen has a unique content of specialised amino acids, such as hydroxyproline and hydroxylysine. These hydroxylated amino acids my assist with the regeneration of soft tissues, such as tendons, ligaments and collagen. Collagen may therefore be used for recovery from injuries and can especially be helpful for strength training and powerlifting programs, along with glucosamine and MSM.