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Casein Protein Powder

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About Casein Protein Powder

The Sporty's Health range of Casein Protein Powders are second-to-none when it comes to quality, flavour and affordability. Casein protein typically takes a longer amount of time to digest compared to regular protein powders, which leads to sustained amino acid absorption over a longer period of time. This promotes anabolic signalling in muscle and keeps the body primed for recovery and reduced muscle catabolism. This unique process of delayed digestion and absorption makes casein products suitable for building and repairing lean muscle tissue, particularly during periods of fasting (like while sleeping).


There are many types of casein products available, including calcium caseinate, micellar casein and milk protein concentrate, the last of which is a composite of whey and casein as naturally found in whole milk. Bodybuilders typically use casein custards or casein protein products before bed to reduce muscle breakdown over night. Clinical research has proven that this is an effective strategy for enhancing muscle growth on a resistance training program.


The individual casein molecules are large and complex in structure, which is why they digest and absorb slowly. However, this can place additional stress on the digestive system, which may affect sensitive individuals or those with GUT health issues. For this reason, it is best to start with a small portion before bed before moving to a full serve. Alternatively, casein can be used just like a regular protein powder throughout the day, even after exercise. Casein-based protein powder shakes are more filling than other protein powders, which makes them useful as appetite suppressants when taken as a snack or to replace one meal per day during weight loss or weight maintenance programs.


It has been a long held contention that casein is inferior to whey protein when taken to support exercise recovery. Theoretically this makes sense, given the fact that we want a rapidly absorbed protein after exercise so that the amino acids get to muscle fast. In addition, the biological value of casein is lower than whey protein, with studies indicating that it triggers less muscle protein synthesis than whey. However, research by the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine indicates that both types of protein deliver the same results when taken before and after exercise, which is great news for casein custard or casein protein enthusiasts.


Casein protein powder is a high quality product containing all of the essential amino acids, three of which are branched chain amino acids (BCAAs). One of these three BCAAs is the mTOR activator leucine. If you want to try a lighter casein, the calcium caseinate is the best option, while milk protein concentrate or isolate will deliver the full sustained-release effect. Some casein formulations are designed to be mixed with minimal water in order to create a high protein custard, which works well as a delicious dessert or snack.