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Menopause Supplements

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About Menopause Supplements

Menopause is the life-stage in which women stop menstruating for 12 months or more, typically in the late 40's to early 50's. This natural life stage indicates that the ovaries are not producing adequate hormones to maintain this process. Menopause may arrive with signs and symptoms including hot flashes, vaginal dryness, sleep disturbances and emotional changes, which for some can be minimal, while others may have a difficult time. 


Many natural supplements can assist in making the transition through to this new stage of life less difficult. Menopause is not without its benefits, such as the retention of valuable nutrients, like iron, that are lost with the monthly menses. Many nutrients and herbal medicines can be of assistance during this life stage, not only to reduce symptoms such as hot flashes, but also to support adrenal gland health.


Adrenal gland health is often forgotten during menopause, as stated in a research article by the European Journal of Endocrinology in January 2009. The adrenal gland synthesizes an enzyme called aromatase, which converts testosterone to oestrogen. Estrogen is what the ovaries prmarily produce, which drops significantly during meopause. It is believed that the majority of signs and symptoms experienced by menopausal women are due to low oestrogen, though there is also a growing body of evidence for low progesterone as a contributor.


The adrenal glands are typically regarded as important for maintaining energy levels as well as their hormonal balancing effects during peri-menopause and menopause. Nutrients and herbs typically helpful for adrenal gland health are: vitamin C, zinc, magnesium, vitamin B5 and B6, licorice (not if blood pressure is high) and adaptogenic herbs such as withania, schisandra, rhodiola and siberian ginseng. Excessive psychological stress and physical activity may also need to be managed. 


A clinical trial conducted in 2013 and published in Planta Medica on Salvia officinalis (Sage) indicated this herb's ability to positively influence hot flushes in menopausal women. It concluded that Sage is safe and had an anti-hot flush effect, likely due to its estrogenic activity. Other herbal medicines that are commonly used for the management of symptoms during menopause are Dong Quai, Glycine max (soyabean) and Shatavari.