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Constipation Supplements

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About Constipation Supplements

Constipation has many medical causes, some of which are quite simple and often over-looked. One of the most common causes is a low dietary fibre intake. Fibre, both soluble and insoluble, is essential for creating bulk for the faeces to pass through the colon with ease. Soluble fibre actually absorbs water to provide this additional bulk and help keep our bowel motions regular. Sources of soluble fibre are mainly nuts, seeds, beans, peas and some vegetables and fruits, while insoluble fibre is typically present in vegetables and whole grains, and not in their refined "white" counterparts.


Another often over-looked cause of constipation is poor hydration. It is important to ensure an adequate amount of water is consumed throughout the day to maintain proper lubrication of the bowels, with needs increasing the more fluid we lose frm the body, through sweat for instance. Maintaining a daily intake of clean water, with enough electrolytes, is essential to keeping things moving in the right direction.


Some foods provoide a natural laxative effect, such as figs and prunes. Figs contain a specific pre-biotic called galactomannan, which supports the health of the microbiome. These beneficial bacteria are important regulators of gastrointestinal health, and bowel motions as well.


The human body produces a natural laxative called bile in order to keep things moving. Bile is synthesized in the liver and stored and concentrated in the gallbladder and also emulsifies dietary fats and supports the absorption of essential fatty acids and the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K.


The gallbladder releases bile as needed into a part of the small intestine called the duodenum, for the emulsification of fats. Bile not only provides ease of motion for the stool to pass through the bowel, but is also important for the removal of a number of liver toxins. Therefore, it is important to also take into consideration the health of the liver and gallbladder when assessing the causes of constipation.


Some other causes of constipation are an altered biological clock (overseas flight or shift workers), inactivity, pregnancy and some medications. Cultured foods or probiotics may also be helpful in correcting any bacterial imbalance, such as kefir or saurkraut. Be sure to check out our Constipation Supplements section to see which products will be the most helpful for you in making the march towards healthier and more regular bowel motions.