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About Protein Supplements

Protein is one of the most essential dietary components. In fact, many experts believe that it is the most important nutrient, after water of course. This means protein supplements can be used by people engaged in exercise programs, or anyone finding it difficult to get enough from their diet. Vegan and vegetarian diets can sometimes be a little more tricky in obtaining enough protein, which is where vegan protein supplements can be of great help. These days, protein supplements come in a wide range of forms, including shakes, cookies and bars, and from a variety of sources, such as plant-based, dairy, egg and even meat-based products.


Protein is made up of often complex amino acids structures, where the amino acids can be compared to the links in a chain. There are nine essential amino acids (EAAs), including the popular branched chain amino acids (BCAAs). EAAs are termed essential as we cannot synthesise them. Therefore, we must get our daily intake of EAAs from our diet or supplements. In addition to the essential amino acids there are a range of conditionally essential and non-essential amino acids, such as glutamine and glutamic acid, respectively. Though we can synthesise the conditionally and non-essential amino acids, given that we are getting enough of the EAAs, there are some instances in which extra can be beneficial. For instance, extra glutamine can be useful for skin healing in cases of sunburn, and glycine and proline can be helpful for supporting cartilage health in osteoarthritis.


Protein supplements assist in a variety of body processes, such as the maintenance and repair of muscle tissue, the production of immunoglobulins, neurotransmitters and enzymes, which we need to digest protein in the first place. They really are an important—and often underestimated—dietary component.

To enhance your protein status, check out our range of protein supplements in a variety of flavours and from a range of sources to suit every dietary requirement.

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