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Musashi Creatine Powder
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Musashi High Protein Bar
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Musashi Deluxe Protein Bar
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Musashi Intra Workout
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Musashi Bulk Protein Mass Gainer
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Musashi Pre-Workout
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Musashi 100% Whey
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Musashi Carnitine Capsules
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Musashi Electrolytes
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Musashi ZMA+
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Musashi Bulk Extreme
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Musashi Fat Metaboliser with Carnitine
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Musashi Tribulus Capsules
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Musashi Plant Protein
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Musashi Shred and Burn
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Musashi Shred Matrix
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Musashi is an Australian performance nutrition company named after the Japanese samurai warrior, Miyamoto Musashi. He was famous for his skill as a swordsman and for writing The Book of Five Rings, an exploration of philosophy and martial arts strategy.


Established in 1987, the company was one of the first in Australia to sell amino acid blends, with the launch of K'un: The Receptive, Kuan: The Creative, Ni and Chen. Their success led to a rapid expansion of the Musashi repertoire to include protein powders, sports nutrition bars and beverages.


Musashi products are aimed at a broad market, from elite athletes and sportspeople, to professional and amateur teams, to individuals who enjoy exercise as part of their daily routine. Their range offers support for all aspects of sports nutrition, including muscle strength and development, post-workout recovery, supporting energy levels, toning and sculpting, and general health.



Amino Blends and Amino Acids

Since releasing the very first Musashi supplements back in 1987, the company has developed a diverse range of amino acid products. Some of the original products have been innovated and given new names, such as Essential Aminos (formerly Create), Muscle Recovery (formerly Nourish), and Musashi Fat Mobilising Formula (formerly Disperse). One of their most popular amino acid stacks is comprised of a pre-workout (formerly Re-Activate) containing branched chain amino acids (EAAs), Beta-Alanine, creatine and caffeine; Musashi ELEVATOR, which provides branched chain amino acids and electrolytes that assist performance during the workout; and Lean WPI, which offers a unique combination of whey protein isolate and free form amino acids to maximise post-workout recovery. There's also a range of specific amino acids blended with specialised lipotropics, to enhance fat metabolism.



Musashi Logo, with text "trusted performance nutrition"



Creatine and Energy

Musashi supplements include two different powdered Creatine products. For those seeking to build lean muscle, Creatine Monohydrate is the most effective product, containing zero carbs and sugars. Alternatively, for those wanting to gain size and strength fast, Creatine Stack is on offer. This product is blended with specific amino acids designed to increase muscle creatine uptake, and also have an anti-catabolic effect.  


Protein Powders, Protein Bars and Drinks


Musashi products include three convenient protein sources - powders, bars and drinks. The powders are designed according to four different purposes:


- NATURAL MUSASHI PROTEIN, which is high in Whey Protein Concentrate and Isolates - low in fat and carbohydrates.

- MUSCLE FORMULA, which contains an amino acid blend.

- LEAN PROTEIN, which contains WPI protein that is digested easily and promotes a toned physique.

- BULK PROTEIN, which is a protein carbohydrate matrix.


Musashi are the big name in Trusted Performance Nutrition, having served the sports nutrition industry back when most companies were not even a twinkle in their proprieter's eyes. If you're looking for serious performance delivered by a nutritional advantage, Musashi have got the supplements for you.