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Electrolyte Replacement Drinks

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About Electrolyte Replacement Drinks

Electrolyte Drinks keep your performance at full throttle, maintaing focus, energy and coordination. Don't hit the brakes because of dehydration. Slam down some electrolyte drink and hit the accelerator! All five electrolytes in just the right amounts is essential for keeping your bodyfluid levels optimised. These electrolytes are calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium and chloride.


WIth just the right amount of carbohydrate added to the formula (unless you're going cab free), you can be sure that the absorption of water is enhanced and you're blood glucose levels are maintained. This delivers unprecedented nutritional benefits, improving measures of performance and recovery.


Electrolytes are essential minerals, most of which are on the periodic table of elements. The flavours in these powders are well-balanced once mixed in water (ice-cold goes down well) and can be sipped during exercise. The flavours are not too strong, which is important when you have to keep drinking fluids for a long training session or event. Stay hydrated and enjoy the performance enhancing benefits of Sporty's Health Electrolyte Drinks.