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Superfood Powder

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About Superfood Powder

Superfood Powders are loaded with blends of therapeutic plants and herbs, and algaes and nutritional grasses. These interesting combinations of ingredients aim at providing you with an alkalising boost, beneficial phytochemcials and other important nutrients. These powders are especially handy when you're not getting enough vegetables and fruits in your daily diet. And let's face it: that's easy to do! Of course, no powdered formula can ever replace a broad range of fresh fruits and vegetable. But Superfood Powders aren't about that. These products are about nutritional assistance. Interestingly, some of the most powerful and nourishing ingredients come from algaes, such as chlorella and spirulina. These are both rich in chlorophyll, a powerful detoxifyer, amino acids and other beneficial compounds. Who would have thought that algae could make you feel so good! If you've loaded up on  chlorella for a few weeks, you'll know all about it.  



Other ingredients included in Superfood Powders are dehydrated vegetable powders, nutritional grasses and even sea vegetables. One commonly used superfood is a seaweed called kelp. Kelp is a particularly rich source of an important mineral called iodine, which is essential to thyroid function and for breast health in women. Common grasses used are wheat grass and barley grass. These are both highly alkalising and can help to reduce the harmful pH effects of an overly acidic diet. In addition, vegetables such as broccoli, and herbs, such as SIberian Ginseng are used in various formulations.



Superfood Powders can be mixed into smoothies, or added to juice or water. For an extra spring in your step, try one today!