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Superfood Powder

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Vital All-In-One
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Muscle Nation Daily Greens
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Vital Organic Greens
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Alien Greens
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BSc Clean Greens
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Designer Physique Greens Boost
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Nutra Organics Super Greens + Reds
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Switch Nutrition Vitality Switch
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About Superfood Powder

Superfood Powders offer a broad range of powerful ingredients, including whole foods, herbs, algaes and nutritional grasses. This combination of ingredients provides an alkalising boost, beneficial phytochemcials, vitamins, minerals and fibre. Superfood powders are especially helpful when the daily diet is lacking in vegetables and fruits, such as during holidays or lack of time to shop and prepare food. Superfood powders are all about nutritional assistance, not so much about replacing fresh fruits and vegetables.


Perhaps the most nourishing ingredients come from algaes, such as chlorella and spirulina. Both are rich in chlorophyll, amino acids and other beneficial nutrients. It is best to begin any superfood powder containing chlorella slowly, building up to a full dosage over a few weeks, as this algae can trigger the detoxification of environmental chemicals and pollutants.


Dehydrated vegetable powders, nutritional grasses and sea vegetables may be included in the Sporty's Health range of Superfood Powders. A commonly used superfood is a seaweed called kelp, which is a rich source of a mineral called iodine. Iodine is essential for thyroid function and for breast health in women. Common grasses used are wheat grass and barley grass, both of which are highly alkalising and can reduce the harmful pH effects of an overly acidic diet. Vegetables such as broccoli and herbs like Siberian Ginseng are used in various formulations to promote energy, vitality and boost antioxidant status.


Th beauty of Superfood Powders is that they can be mixed into smoothies, or added to juice or water. Alternatively, add a scoop to your protein shake, magnesium formula or other powdered nutritional blend. Just make sure and match up the flavours. For instance, vanilla protein powders tastes quite amazing mixed with plain greens powders. And mint flavoured greens mix really well with chocolate protein powder. Protein shakers work just as well for mixing super food blends as they do protein powders.