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Recovery Protein Supplements

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About Recovery Protein Supplements

This range of products offers more than your average protein powder, with premium carbohydrates and bioavaiable protein to ensure a streamlined recovery. Carbohydrates are essential for replenishing muscle glycogen stores after exercise. Glycogen is composed of long chains of glucose and is a powerful energy source for the human body and is stored primarily in the liver and skeletal muscles.


The quality protein added to recovery proteins contains a broad range of naturally occurring amino acids to promote healing and rebuilding soft tissue and muscle. Though recovery protein supplements may contain less protein than your average protein powder, this is to suit the nutritional requirements of endurance athletes. Endurance exercise typically leads to less muscular damage than shorter-duration higher-intensity forms of exercise, such as weight-lifting.


Endurance athletes can deplete muscle (and liver) glycogen reserves quite rapidly. The glucose used from glycogen is a major fuel source required for glycolysis and the generation of ATP or energy. However, beta-oxidation is also important for energy synthesis during endurance exercise once glycogen levels start to become depleted. Beta Oxidation requires fatty acids to produce ATP, which delivered by the blood and topped up by bodyfat stores. L-Carnitine is the delivery system that provides fatty acids to the cell for beta oxidation.


Glycogen synthase is the enzyme responsible for glycogen synthesis, which is most active after exercise. This enzyme becomes less active over time, meaning that the most opportune time for carbohydrate replenishment is immediately after exercise. Given these roles for amino acids and carbohydrates in endurance recovery, a high carb and moderate protein content product makes for the perfect recovery protein supplement.


All quality Recovery Protein products contains electrolytes, which are sodium, chloride, potassium, magnesium and calcium. These essential minerals are depleted during exercise and are crucial for promoting hydration. Despite this important role, electrolytes play many other important roles in the human body. For instance, potassium promotes healthy blood pressure and plays a role in insulin sensitisation, supporting blood sugar balance. Magnesium alone has over 300 identified roles in the human body, supporting muscular and mental relaxation, and healthy bones and teeth.


Recovery Protein formulas are low in fat, which slows the digestion and absorption of nutrients. As you can imagine, after exercise the body is primed for nourishment as it wants to rapidily restore homeostasis (body balance). This means there is a window of opportunity after exercise, meaning that recovery will be rapid if quality nutients are provided. Recovery Protein supplements are best taken as soon as possible after exercise. Alternatively, sip between events or during prolonged periods of endurance exercise to maintain energy levels and performance.