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Blender Bottle

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If you’ve ever had to contend with a leaky water bottle, or a badly mixed nutritional supplement, you’ll know what a mess these things can make. BlenderBottle® is a company which has really thought about the things that are important to sportspeople and athletes. It’s part of its ethos. In fact, it’s most of its ethos. They don’t just design their bottles to look good; they also research materials and styles so that they can deliver exactly what their trainer customers need. 

Healthful products from BlenderBottle®

BlenderBottle® uses only plastics which are both BPA- and phthalate-free, so customers don’t have to worry about nasty plasticising materials leaching into their drinks and damaging vital body functions and organs. BlenderBottle® actually cares about its customers in a real and visible way.

BlenderBottles® are useful in more than one way

BlenderBottles® aren’t just for water. Ever found a great protein powder with terrible mixability? That no longer matters. The patented wire whisk BlenderBall® is perfect for mixing up any kind of liquid with a semi-solid or a powder. Whether it’s a protein powder, or a pre-workout supplement, a smoothie, or a sauce for your favourite recipe, the BlenderBottle® is a great tool to have around. Such is the power of good design. 

Take your BlenderBottle® anywhere

The design team at BlenderBottle® understands that you can’t always hold a water bottle in your hand, but that doesn’t mean you don’t still need it. All their products can be clipped to or hung on your belt, your gym bag, or your backpack, with the versatile SportLoop™, without fear that the bottle will open. They call it ‘worry-free’. We call it ‘excellent design’. 

If you do have the opportunity to hold a BlenderBottle® product in your hand, you’ll find that it comes with a soft, rubber overmould on the lid and on their patented SportGrip™, so it won’t slip out of your grip at the wrong moment. 


Products from BlenderBottle®

The coolest, most stand-out water bottle available is the BlenderBottle® Sport Mixer™. Designed to mix and blend protein powders, nutritional supplements, smoothies, shakes, or to otherwise just carry water or an energy drink – whatever you prefer – the BlenderBottle® Sport Mixer™ is a great choice. It’s a blender that doubles as a water bottle, so you can use it for cooking when you’re at home, and for drinking when you’re out and about or down the gym - the ultimate bodybuilding accessorie.