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Bone Health Supplements

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About Bone Health Supplements

Bones are the framework of the human body, providing structure for healthy movement and activity. With the assistance of muscular contraction, bones pull on other bones to move limbs. This is the basis of natural human movement. As solid and strong as bones seem, bone mineral density (BMD) varies considerably from person to person. BMD refers to the concentration of minerals in bone, which reflects the density and strength of the bone. As we age, with a sedentary lifestyle or during some illnesses, bone mineral density can decrease, increasing the risk of fractures and breakages.


One of the best ways to strengthen bones is through regular physical activity, particularly weight-bearing exercise. Ideally, this resistance exercise would utilise all four limbs in order to strengthen as many bones as possible. For instance, brisk walking or jogging is a good form of exercise which strengthens the legs (lower limbs). However, it doesn’t do much for bones of the upper body.


When muscles pull on bones to create movement, both muscle and the bone are engaged. When we stress a muscle, as weightlifters do, it responds by repairing and rebuilding bigger and stronger than before. This is the body's natural protection against future stress. Exercise also helps to improve coordination and balance, which are important as we age, helping to reduce the risk of falls and bone breakages. Some of the best forms of exercise for bone strength are calisthenics, weight training, exercise with rubber resistance bands, tennis, dancing, jogging and heavy gardening.  


Many nutrients are needed for bones to maintain themselves and repair damage. Supplements can be especially helpful for making up any dietary deficits. The most important of these are the essential amino acids, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, boron, Vitamin D, Vitamin K, silica, zinc, manganese and copper. Essential amino acids are found in high quality protein foods, such as eggs and fish, while good sources of calcium are dairy products, sesame seeds or tahini and sardines (with edible bones). In fact, sesame seeds are rich in a broad range of minerals, making them a great source of nutrients to keep bones strong.


Though calcium tends to be the first nutrient thought of when bone health is mentioned, the scientific evidence is shifting to other nutrients that in the past would have been considered secondary. For instance, boron plays a crucial role in bone maintenance and strength, supporting the absorption of magnesium and regulating oestrogen levels in post-menopausal women, which we all need for healthy bones. This has been reported in Nutrition Reviews in 2008 and Integrative Medicine: A Clinician’s Journal in 2015. However, the importance of calcium supplementation cannot be overstated if your diet is lacking.


Sporty's Health offer a great range of Bone Supplements to complement a healthy diet and exercise program that includes both cardio (aerobic) and weight-bearing exercise. There are many calcium supplements available on the Australian market, ranging from high bioavailability hydroxyapatites and calcium citrates, to seaweed-based AquaminTM, to coral-based products. These can be great additions to the diet, particularly if calcium-rich foods are in limited supply. Vitamin D supplements as well as silica and Vitamin K2, can be useful in supporting a healthy bone mineral density.