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Bone Health Supplements

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About Bone Health Supplements

Bones are the framework of the human body. They are what muscles pull on to move limbs, as they are themselves the foundation of our limbs. And as solid and strong as they always seem, our bone mineral density can vary considerably. Bone mineral density refers to the concentration of minerals that are in our bone, which tends to reflect the strength of the bone material. As we get older, or during periods of inactivity or during certain illnesses, our bone mineral density can decrease, leaving us more prone to fractures and breakages. One of the best ways to get strong bones is through regular physical exercise, particularly weight-bearing exercise. Ideally, this resistance exercise would utilise all four limbs, in order to stimulate strengthening of as many bones as possible. After all, jogging is a fantastic form of exercise at strengthening lower limbs, though it doesn’t do much for bones of the upper body.



When muscles pull on bones in order for us to move, they actually stimulate strengthening, much as when we stress a muscle—as weightlifters do to the maximum—it responds by improving its strength, as a natural defence mechanism. It is quite a natural and logical activity of the human body to improve the strength of any area of the body that is under stress. Exercise also helps to improve coordination and balance, which are important as we grow older. Some of the best forms of exercise for bone strength are calisthenics, weight training (light weights with high repetitions at first), exercise with rubber resistance bands, tennis, dancing, jogging and heavy gardening (in case you have a green thumb)—we’re talking about some pretty big weeds here.  



There are many important nutrients that bones need to maintain themselves and to repair damage. This is where Bone Health Supplements can come in handy. The most important of these are the nine essential amino acids, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, boron, Vitamin D, Vitamin K, silica, zinc, manganese and copper. The essential amino acids are found in all high quality protein foods, such as eggs and fish, while good sources of calcium are dairy products, sesame seeds or tahini, sardines (with edible bones) and blackstrap molasses. In fact, sesame seeds are rich in a broad range of minerals, making them a great source of nutrients to keep bones strong. These would need to be consumed in moderation, however, due to their high energy-density.



We have a great range of products within Bone Health Supplements, to complement your diet, which—lets face it—can be hard to keep balanced at times. There are a host of different calcium supplements available to us, ranging from high bioavailability hydroxyapatite and calcium citrate formulations, to seaweed-based AquaminTM, to coral-based products. These can be great additions to the diet, particularly if calcium-rich foods are in limited supply in your diet. There are also pure Vitamin D supplements, as well as silica and Vitamin K2 products, that can be useful to address particular nutrient deficits.