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Shaker Bottle

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About Shaker Bottle

Shaker Bottles are a convenient way to mix your protein shakes or other powdered formulas anywhere, anytime. Just add powder, then liquid ... and shake it up! The lids screw off nice and easy, making them simple to clean, usually with a flip top lid. Some shaker bottles contain a stainless steel ball, which breaks down the protein globules that can form, making your drink turn out nice and smooth. Alternatively, other shakers sometimes include a mesh or paddles at the top of the bottle to break up the powder. 


In this range of awesome Sportys Health shakers there is even a stainless steel shaker option, which works nicely as a gift. These are also for the particularly health conscious who want to  minimise plastic contact with their beverages. Some shakers contain a dry powder storage compartment at their base. This way, you can keep the water and the powder separate, which is ideal if you don’t plan on consuming the drink any time soon, so to prevent spoilage. These compartments may also be used to sore pills, or another powder of some kind for later use. You could, if you were feeling particularly organised, have an intra-workout ready to go in the main saker area, and some dry powder in the bottom compartment, ready to go for post-workout. And remember, you don’t have to be a pro to be organised. 


Perhaps you often feel like Superman when you train, or Wonder Woman. Hey, nothing wrong with that. In fact, it may be a solid indication of a good training ethic. Well, guess what? We have superhero shakers, locked and loaded and ready for action. Now everyone in the gym will know all about just how you feel when you train. That is to say, EPIC! Especially that cute girl/guy with the nice smile. 


And, to impart some final words of wisdom, is the best method for keeping these items clean. A dish scrubber is perfect to get in the far reaching corners of the bottom of the shaker, and also for running over the stainless steel ball or powder grids. These scrubbers work perfectly with some hot water and a generous amount of detergent. This is an especially important process if you have left the shaker too long without cleaning it.


And yet another tidbit of advice, if you are short on time, and are going to leave a used shaker lying around, unclean, best to pop it in the fridge until you have time to clean it. This slows spoilage of the protein residue. For those of you just getting started and wanting to experiment, the Shaker and Product Samples is great for product, and flavour, experimentation. Then, you will surely feel a bit more confident in committing to a tub.