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Testosterone Booster Supplements

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Balance Tribulus 20,000
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About Testosterone Booster Supplements

Testosterone is an important anabolic hormone that begins to decline in males at around the age of 30 years. This crucial hormone supports sexual function, mood, physical strength and quality of life. Women naturally produce testosterone in smaller amounts compared to men, due to a higher synthesis of aromatase enzymes that convert testosterone to estradiol. Levels of testosterone in women are around half by the age of 40. In fact, a paper published in the The Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology in 2015 highlighted the importance of testosterone for women to support cognitive function, sexual drive and musculoskeletal health, as well as sex drive.


Most people experience the effects of low testosterone at some point in their lives, whether they realise it or not. This effect tends to be more pronounced in men due to their naturally higher levels. Low testosterone levels have been attributed to hair loss, fatigue, low mood, unfavourable body composition changes (less muscle, more fat) and even reduced bone mineral density. Therefore, significantly increased testosterone levels can support an increase in sex drive, muscle growth and muscle mass, or at the very least, assist in its maintenance. Most gym-going individuals are aware of the importance of testosterone for muscle gains, making testosterone boosting supplements an important product category.


Many testosterone boosters offer the nutritional support required for natural testosterone synthesis. This is where powerhouse minerals like zinc and boron can get the job done. Testosterone enhancers also help to increase the amount of free-testosterone in the body, increasing the potency of the testosterone that is already in the body. This can be achieved with herbs like Fenugreek extract.


Many herbal medicines assist in normalising testosterone levels, like Tribulus Terrestris and Tong Kat Ali. These herbs can elevate DHEA levels, which is a building block for testosterone. Some testosterone boosting formulations also target the release of growth hormone, with the amino acids arginine and lysine. This hormone stimulates soft tissue healing for tendons, ligaments and collagen, though it also supports skeletal muscle mass building. Another popular amino acid is d-aspartic acid, which is used in many testosterone boosting supplements.


Testosterone is important for both men and women, and declines with age in both genders. Whether it be to improve general vigour and health, or to boost up your ability to perform in the ... gym ... there is sure to be something in the Sportys Health range of supplements to assist you.