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Power Protein Bars

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Clif Bar Energy Bar
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$47.60 - $69.95
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Hammer Nutrition Hammer Energy Bar
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$3.95 - $42.60
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About Power Protein Bars

clif bar

Power Bars give you what you need when you really need it. POWER! These bars are high-octane fuel sources for anyone wanting to keep the workload pumpin' without missing a beat. They're jam-packed with readily digestible carbs to bump your blood sugar back up to a high performance point. And when this sugar finds its way to your muscles ... BAM! You're ready to tackle foes and destroy personal bests. Each bar delivers a nice little hit of protein—providing essential amino acids—and some dietary fats, which work well as a dense energy source, particularly for endurance.

Jam one in your pocket, strap one to your bike, take one on a hike. If you don't want to be left behind, be ready. Take a POWER BAR!


Power Bars are awesome pre-workout energy boosters. When you're running on fumes, yet you want to tackle that training session like no other, try one out for resuscitation and hold onto your socks. You're now ready to destroy all pre-conceived notions of what you can and can't achieve. With your blood glucose peaking, maximal strength is increased, as well as focus and coordination. You've got a fuel source in the tank and you're ready to rock and roll. 


Take it pre, post, intra, or anytime to replenish valuable fuel sources. BAM!


Let’s face it, motivation to train can be hard to find when you’ve barely had enough food to scrape the sides of your intestines. This can leave you feeling like gravity all of a sudden took a turn for the worse, pulling you towards the earth for a much needed nap. At this point a soft warm bed will look like it has all of life’s answers—not the gym, full of demanding contraptions, dumbells and sweaty people. 

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Or you can bump up that blood sugar and fuel those muscles with a POWER BAR!  


The evidence is quite clear. The higher the intensity of the endurance exercise, the more we rely on carbohydrates as a fuel source over fats. Carbs are said to increase endurance performance and capacity. That’s why it’s crucial to pump up that liver and those muscles after exercise with quality carbohydrates, and a small amount of fats and protein, if endurance training is your thing. Or, if you’re about to take down a personal best and become the face of endurance exercise for all eternity, then try some before you train as well!