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Fibre Supplements For Constipation

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About Fibre Supplements For Constipation

When you're a little backed up and not sure what to do—a fibre supplement can be helpful to get things moving again. This fibrous nutrient offers some great health benefits, like keeping blood lipids managed and supporting healthy bowel motions. When things aren't moving quite as smoothly as they should, fibre can provide a much needed nudge in the right direction.


Fibre supplements should only be used for mild to moderate constipation, not for severe constipation. In addition, all fibre supplements need to be taken with a full glass of water. Plenty of water should be consumed throughout the day as well. For fibre to be effective in supporting healthy bowel motility, it needs to be wet. Insufficient water intake is actually a separate risk factor for constipation. So find a quality water source and a glass or stainless steel bottle and fill up!


The Sporty's Health range of Constipation products are perfect for daily use. Healthy bowel motions are an essential part of supporting the body's natural detoxification pathways, as well as regulating our blood lipids and keeping us light and vibrant. Add powders to protein shakes, baked goods or smoothies, or simply swallow a tablet.