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Celery Supplements

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About Celery Supplements

Though we commonly think of Celery for cooking purposes, this plant has more to offer than a little crunch in your soup. The seeds of the celery plant have been used in Ayurvedic Medicine for a long time, with the best extracts coming out of Northern India. Celery Seeds have long been prescribed for the management of conditions such as arthritis, fluid retention and colds and flues.


In modern times, this plant-based supplement is well known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-oedema (anti fluid retention) effects. Celery seed is often used for the management of arthritis, gout and general fluid retention. The Natural Medicine Journal published a research paper in 2013 illustrating that celery seed extract taken consistently for 6 weeks significantly reduced blood pressure. Therefore, celery seed may have an adjunctive use for the treatment of prehypertension.

Celery seed extract inhibits the growth of helicobacter pylori and can assist with regeneration of the stomach mucosa. These effects, coupled with its anti-inflammatory nature, make it a helpful natural compound for the management of these conditions. These biological effects were reported in Progress in Drug Research in 2015.