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Weight Loss Protein Powder

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Horleys Sculpt
11 (0 reviews)  
Balance Ultra Ripped Protein
58 (0 reviews)  
$99.95 - $139.95
Horleys Ripped
67 (0 reviews)  
$79.95 - $159.95
Maxines Burn Protein
56 (2 reviews)  
$59.95 - $99.95
Maxs Shred System
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$64.95 - $129.95
$84.95 - $155.95
24% - 17% OFF
Prana On Phyto Fire Protein
2 (1 reviews)  
$79.95 - $149.95
$79.00 - $210.00
-1% - 29% OFF
Max's Super Shred
83 (0 reviews)  
-0% OFF
OxyWhey by EHP Labs
10 (0 reviews)  
30% OFF
Amazonia RAW FIT Thermoburn
2 (0 reviews)  
$45.00 - $89.00
$45.00 - $99.00
0% - 10% OFF
Musashi Shred and Burn
19 (0 reviews)  
38% OFF
X50 Protein 100% Lean Whey
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25% OFF

About Weight Loss Protein Powder

Weight Loss Protein Powders are typically low-fat and low-carbohydrate powdered meals supplements. These are a great way to ensure your daily protein requirement is met without busting your calorie intake out of proportion. Some of these formulations are under 100 calories per shake, and often contain natural compounds to assist with thermogenesis and appetite suppression, such as green tea and casein, respectively. And with flavours like chocolate honeycomb, berry cheesecake and iced mocha, who could refuse? In fact, some of these formulations can be downright filling, which is great is you are on track for significant weight loss. Sometimes, in addition to casein, even egg white protein can be added to these formulations, without you even knowing it—I.e., they don’t taste at all taste egg-y! The reason these two protein are often added is because the protein molecules are large and complex, and therefore take time to digest. This means that they leave you feeling fuller for longer. 



Weight Loss Protein Powders may be used as a meal replacement, either to supplement one or two meals per day, or can be used as a snack between meals, especially if a pang of hunger arises. It is important to ensure that if you are replacing two meals per day that a good quality multivitamin and mineral be taken. This makes certain that you’re not missing out on any important micronutrients. After all, setting yourself up for nutrient deficiencies during a weight-loss program—that is designed to improve your health—can be counter-productive in the long term. Ideally, the meals surrounding these weight management shakes would contain plentiful amounts of fresh salads and vegetables (ideally low carbohydrate options), and a quality protein source, such as egg or fish. Protein is the most thermogenic macronutrient, meaning that it stimulates more metabolic activity and body heat than carbohydrates or fats. This is believed to be due to the fact that quality protein stimulates protein synthesis in the body, which is an energy demanding metabolic activity. 



There are many thermogenic-enhancing ingredients that are commonly used, such as green tea, which is a powerful herb providing EGCG, a proven metabolic enhancer. Green coffee is often used as a provider of chlorogenic acids, and is a rich source of antioxidants. These two products, which are often consumed as a beverage, are a much more concentrated form of the product, and work to elevate the metabolism beyond what is expected from their naturally occurring caffeine content. Because after all, caffeine is a natural fat burner. In fact, there are quite a few clinical trials rising to the surface of the scientific community indicating just how these natural plants work. For instance, a study published in The Journal of Nutrition in 2008 indicated that green tea—independent of its caffeine content—was able to increase the 24-hr metabolic rate. That is, the rate of increase in metabolism was greater than what would be expected from the caffeine alone. Other compounds commonly used are carnitine, garcinia cambogia, chromium and phaseolamin (kidney bean extract). These formulations also come in plant-based vegan-friendly options. 



So whether it be to switch out a calorie-loaded meal or give yourself a protein and thermogenic boost after training, the Sportys Health range is full of great Weight Loss Protein Powder ideas.