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Weight Loss Protein Powder

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Horleys Sculpt
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Balance Ultra Ripped Protein
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Max's Super Shred
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Maxines Burn Protein
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Horleys Ripped Protein
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OxyWhey by EHP Labs
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About Weight Loss Protein Powder

Weight Loss Protein Powders are low calorie and often low carbohydrate dietary supplements containing natural fat burners. They are a great way to help keep your daily protein needs met, without significantly increasing your calorie intake. Some of the protein powders in these formulations are under 100 calories per shake, with some offering natural compounds to assist with appetite suppression, such as garcinia and casein. And with flavours like chocolate honeycomb, berry cheesecake and iced mocha, you won't feel like you're missing out on your regular treats!


Some of these weight loss formulations can be quite filling and satisfying, which makes it easy if you often get hungry and are looking for something to snack on. You may even find some formulations with egg white protein on the ingredients list, though they don't at all taste like egg. Casein and egg proteins are often added to weight loss protein powders because the protein molecules are large and take time to digest. This means that they leave you feeling fuller for longer. 


Weight Loss Protein Powders may be used as a meal replacement, either to replace one or two meals per day, or can be used as a snack between meals, particularly when hunger strikes. If you are replacing two meals per day, please ensure that you supplement with a quality multivitamin and mineral. This is to ensure you’re not missing out on any important micronutrients. After all, setting yourself up for nutrient deficiencies during a weight-loss program—that is designed to improve your health—can be counter-productive in the long term.


The best meals to enjoy during a weight loss program contain plentiful amounts of fresh salads and vegetables (ideally low carbohydrate options), and a quality protein sources, such as egg or fish. Protein is the most thermogenic macronutrient, meaning that it stimulates more metabolic activity and body heat than carbohydrates or fats. This is due to the fact that quality protein stimulates protein synthesis, which is an energy demanding process. In addition, the conversion of amino acid to energy requires more energy than carbohydrates.


There are many fat-burning ingredients that are commonly used in weight loss protein powders, such as green tea due to its content of natural caffeine and EGCG. Green coffee provides chlorogenic acids and potent natural antioxidants. Both Green Tea and Green Coffee elevate the metabolism beyond what is expected from their caffeine content. A study published in The Journal of Nutrition in 2008 indicated that green tea increased the 24-hr metabolic rate, more than was expected from its caffeine content. Other natural fat burning ingredients commonly used are carnitine, garcinia cambogia, chromium and phaseolamin (kidney bean extract).