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Smart Diet Solutions

Smart Diet Solutions
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Smart Protein Bar
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When it comes to quality nutrition, there were few protein bars on the market that offer a decent amount of protein as well as clean ingredients ... that was until the Smart Protein Bar hit the market.


This protein bar delivers at least 20grams of premium grass-fed whey and milk proteins, including a little nut protein as well. There are none of the nasty fillers, binders and sweeteners that are found in most protein bars. This means you can have a bar without the gut ache!


Smart Diet Solutions contains natural prebiotic fibres derived from corn. Prebiotics help to keep you full and deliver minimal calories. These types of fibre also assist in the growth and activity of beneficial bacteria that live in the digestive system.


With natural flavours, steviol glycosides and a pinch of sea salt to boost up the flavour, these bars are absolute winners for the health conscious who are looking for a convenient protein hit.