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Fibre Powder Supplements

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About Fibre Powder Supplements

Fibre Powder Supplements are a convenient way to boost your fibre intake. These days, it's all too easy to have a diet high in refined and packaged foods that are low in fibre. Fibre is naturally found in a range of whole and nourishing fiids, such as whole grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables.


Fibre Powder Supplements can be added to baked foods, pancakes, cereal, smoothies or protein shakes. Fibre is quite tasteless, though has some texture or mouthfeel, making it the perfect heat-resistant addition to cooking for the home-baker. Fibre is important for maintaining bowel motility and regularity, and offers prebiotic activities in which it  feeds the beneficial cultures that live within our digestive system.  


Few products complement protein shakes quite like fibre powder supplements. If you use protein shakes to keep the appetite at bay between meals, adding fibre really is a great way to go. Fibre contains very few calories and tends to swell in the stomach. This means you keep fuller for longer, whilst supporting healthy bowels and a diverse microbiome.