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Dermatitis Pills and Tablets

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About Dermatitis Pills and Tablets

Dermatitis is an inflammation of the skin that may be related to contact with an irritant or allergen, though this condition may be seborrheic dermatitis or atopic (eczema). Both contact and atopic dermatitis forms of eczema are related to an overactivity of a group of immune cells called T-Helper 2 Lymphocytes. These immune cells are involved in responses to allergens, such as pollens or other foreign chemicals. This has been confirmed in numerous scientific studies, such as those reported in the International archives of allergy and immunology in November 2016.


These overactive T-Helper 2 Lymphocytes are at least in part responsible for the inflammation seen in allergic conditions, such as atopic and contact dermatitis. There are a number of natural supplements containing vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and herbal extracts that are helpful for alleviating these skin disorders. For instance, a bioflavonoid called Quercetin, naturally found in apples and red peppers, is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory agent that also reduces the synthesis of leukotrienes. Additionally, vitamin C and zinc are helpful for regulating the immune response and are said to be immunomodulators. 


It is also important that any aggravating foods or chemical exposure be removed or minimised where possible. The full causes of Seborrheic dermatitis have not yet been fully uncovered, however it is believed to be related to an infection or an irregular immune response. Both of these can be targeted naturally with the use of supplemenets such as quercetin and zinc.