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High Protein Bars

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Musashi High Protein Bar
9 (0 reviews)  
37% OFF
BSc High Protein Bars
54 (1 reviews)  
$3.95 - $39.95
$5.50 - $39.95
28% - 0% OFF
Musashi Deluxe Protein Bar
0 (0 reviews)  
12% OFF
Horleys Protein 33 Bar
0 (0 reviews)  
$3.95 - $44.95
$4.50 - $49.95
12% - 10% OFF
Aussie Bodies HPLC Bar
53 (0 reviews)  
33% OFF
BSc Collagen Low Carb Protein Bar
0 (0 reviews)  
$3.95 - $39.95
$4.95 - $49.95
20% OFF
Smart Protein Bar
0 (0 reviews)  
17% OFF
BSc High Protein Low Carb Plant Bar
0 (0 reviews)  
17% OFF
Aussie Bodies Lo Carb Crunchy Bar
0 (0 reviews)  
15% OFF
Prana Plant Protein Bar
0 (0 reviews)  
9% OFF
Snack Switch Protein Bar
0 (0 reviews)  
$3.95 - $54.95
$4.95 - $64.95
20% - 15% OFF

About High Protein Bars

The Sporty's Health range of High Protein Bars offer a convenient way to ensure your daily protein needs are covered. Providing up to 45 grams of high quality protein per bar, getting enough protein on-the-go has never been easier. From plant-based to collagen or premium whey protein, there is a high protein bar to suit every need.


Are you finding protein powders too impracticle and messy? Ending up with a littany of used shaker bottles that you simply don't have time to deal with? Protein Bars not only negate the necessity for shaker bottles, but they are also more transportable too, easily fitting into a pocket or handbag. This makes them perfect for hikers and endurance athletes. 


Each of these high protein protein bars contains high biological value protein with a full complement of amino acids to support recovery and lean muscle gain. This means the anabolic processes of the body are optimally supported, such as muscle protein synthesis. The nine essential amino acids are needed for countless processes in the body, such as the synthesis of digestive enzymes, immune factors and even neurotransmitters in the brain. The only other nutrients more important than essential amino acids are water and oxygen.


Nothing could be simpler than finding delicious carbohydrates and fats to snack on. These macronutrients are absolutely everywhere, offered in a range of different forms, at a low price and with plenty of flavours to chooese from. This can make it easy to overeat carbs and fats, at the expense of quality protein. A high protein bar jammed in the back pocket can be a simple solution to cutting back on high-calorie and unhealthy snack food, whilst helping you to meet your daily protein needs.